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The New Cat Owner's Guide To Keeping Their Cat Safer At Home

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The well-known saying, curiosity killed the cat, can unfortunately hold some truth. The naturally curious personality of cats can get them in a world of trouble. As an owner, it's your responsibility to protect your cat from both obvious and less obvious dangers. If you're a new cat owner, here are a handful of tips to get you started.

Swinging Doors

Do you have swinging doors installed? If so, consider removing them, particularly if you have a new cat in your home. When swinging doors are in motion, a larger area of open space gets created between the edge of the door and the door frame. Although you might overlook this area, it's large enough for a small kitten to stick their head or neck through.

If the door stops swinging while the cat is in the open space, this could prove fatal or cause a number of serious injuries, at the least. Since swinging doors are more of an aesthetic addition, it shouldn't be too difficult to remove them.

Front Loading Laundry Appliances

If you have front loading laundry machines, keep their doors closed at all times. For example, say you loaded clothes in your washer and walked away. When you return, you aren't likely to inspect the inside of the washer. You will simply close the door and power on the machine.

Unfortunately, while the door was opened, a cat looking for a good resting place could have easily jumped inside the machine and started napping on the bed of clothes.  If you make it a habit to keep the doors closed at all times you can avoid this type of risk.  

Garbage Cans

Always make sure your garbage can has a secure lid on it. Cats have especially sensitive intestinal tracts, and the contents of your garbage can cause a number of problems. This is especially the case when it comes to foods and beverages that contain xylitol, such as sugarless candy or sugar-free chocolate.

The ingredients used in xylitol can actually prove to be fatal if consumed by a cat. Additionally, food that is expired can also be consumed by your cat and cause sickness or poisoning. Lastly, bones consumed by a cat can splinter off inside their stomach and cause an intestinal injury.

The more effort you put into protecting your cat from dangers in your home, the more comfortable your cat will be and the more confident you will be that your new furry friend is protected.

If your cat does get injured, contact Medical Care by Mobile Veterinary Hospital or a similar location.