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Five Ways To Keep Your Cat's Food Fresh

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If you are a first time cat owner, you may have some questions about how you should take care of your cat's food. In order to ensure that your pet's food stays fresh and bacteria free, there are a few measures you can take. Five of them will be listed below, so that you can keep your cat healthy.

Always Keep Original Packaging

Cat food bags are not just for packaging, most of them are intended to keep your cat's food fresh for as long as possible. Keeping cat food in the original packaging also ensures that you have the expiration date and batch code handy should there be a recall of the food for any reason.

Reduce Air Exposure

When it is time to feed your cat, throw out a portion of the cat food then seal back the bag quickly. This reduces the chance that the food will deteriorate rapidly. Sealing the bag promptly also reduces the chance that bacteria will get into the food and possibly make your cat ill.

Keep Food Out Of Sunlight

Sunlight increases the chance that your pet's food will degrade due to heat and moisture. Heat and moisture from sunlight also increases the chance that bacteria will get into the food. Try to keep your cat's food stored in a cool dry place at all times.

Don't Mix Old And New Food

Never throw the last of an old bag of cat food into a new bag of food that you have just opened. This action can contaminate the fresh cat food by spreading bacteria through it, and this can make your pet get very sick.

Shop Carefully

Never assume that the food that you have picked up for your cat is fresh. A bag of cat food usually has an expiration date on it and you should check it before you make your purchase. Expired cat food can cause severe health problems for your pet, so take that extra time to read the label and find out exactly how fresh the food is.

What you feed your cat is extremely important for their health and safety. It can be challenging at first to remember to read labels and store food properly, especially if you are a new pet owner, but with practice it will become easier. You are your pet's first line of defense and it is up to you to keep your cat safe. For more information about feeding your pet, contact a veterinary clinic, such as Chapel Hill Veterinary Clinic.