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New Puppy? Don'T Forget To Take Care Of Its Paws

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If you have a new puppy you need to make sure it gets all the right vaccinations and regular checkups from the veterinarian. You also have to remember to do some things on your own at home. One thing you may neglect to think about is your puppy's paws. Below are four tips to keep your puppy's paws free from infection and injury.

Trim the Fur

Make sure you keep the fur trimmed between your puppies pads often. If you take your puppy to a groomer, they will likely trim this fur, but it will grow back quickly. When your puppy is outside, he will walk on grass, mud, and dirt while you are taking it on walks. Pests and ticks can also cling to this fur while it is walking. Small rocks and other objects can cling to the fur, and if not noticed, could cut its paw. You would likely not notice this cut until it became infected.

Use Puppy Boots

You can purchase puppy boots at pet stores or online. You can find them in a variety of sizes so you should have no problem finding ones that fit your puppy's feet. It will take time for your puppy to get used to wearing boots, and you will have to train him inside the home first. After some time, it may walk in them perfectly and even expect them to be put on before you take it outside.

Use a Balm

You can purchase a balm at a pet store, which is placed on the pad of your puppy's feet before taking it outside. The balm is generally made of a soft wax and puts a barrier between the ground and your puppy's paws. Wash and dry your puppy's pads before you apply the balm. You can do this by gently wiping them off with a soft wet cloth.

This balm works very well during the winter months when your puppy could walk on salt on the streets and sidewalks. It also protects its paws from the cold ice and snow, as well as fluids on the ground, such as car oil.

Use a Stroller

You can purchase a dog stroller. Even if your puppy is going to grow up to be a big dog, right now it is a good size to use this. You can find them at most pet stores. They work especially well if you want to take your puppy on long walks or to an outdoor pet friendly event.

If you notice any problems with your puppy's paws, take them to a veterinarian. They can also tell you of other ways you can keep its paws protected. For more information, contact Nelson Animal Hospital vet clinics or a similar location.