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How To Prepare Your Rabbit For Spaying Or Neutering At The Veterinarian

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Getting your rabbit spayed or neutered can not only help ensure that they can safely be kept with rabbits of the opposite gender, but it can also be good for their overall health. With a lower chance to get different cancers, spayed or neutered rabbits will also be more comfortable with less drastic mood swings due to changes in their hormones.

If you have decided to get your rabbit spayed or neutered, take some time to prepare your rabbit so that you will not have any issues during their recovery.

Make Sure to Choose a Veterinarian Experienced with Rabbits

A common mistake many rabbit owners make is choosing a veterinarian that does not have experience with rabbits and typically only cares for cats and dogs. While exotic veterinarians can be harder to find in some areas, they are going to be much better equipped for providing medical care to rabbits.

With the average cost of medical care around $125 annually, it makes sense to choose an exotic vet that can give your rabbit the best care possible.

Consider If Your Rabbit's Companion Should Be With Them

Rabbits are often kept with a partner, allowing them to feel calmer and more comfortable wherever they are taken. While you may only have plans to get one rabbit spayed or neutered, it is a good idea to bring along their companion to the vet. Just having their companion with them on the trip to the vet and when they are finished with the procedure can help them feel at ease.

Get Your Rabbit Worn Out Before Their Surgery Date

Just like dogs, rabbits need to exert energy daily to be healthy and happy. If you want your rabbit to go to the vet exhausted and ready for their procedure without difficulties, make sure that you allow your rabbit to get worn out the day before.

Set Up the Cage with Their Recovery in Mind

Before bringing your rabbit to the vet, you need to consider what kind of environment is best for their recovery. Taking away toys that may require too much action is a good idea, along with moving the cage somewhere quiet so that they can recover safely.

As you look into all the benefits that come with spaying or neutering your rabbit, you need to consider what will make the procedure easier on your rabbit. By making some preparations for the animal hospital visit, your rabbit can be safely altered with as little stress as possible.